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Brian Eno answers the question “What have you changed your mind about?” at The World Question Center. I like the idea of Another Green World Question Center. Advertisements

For reasons that are not entirely clear, even to myself, I just googled “gentleman lobster” on google image search. Once again the Internet provides…

The New York Times has a selection of Al Jaffee’s fold-ins from MAD magazine right from the early days. You can click and drag with the mouse to fold them yourself. I liked Don Martin’s cartoons the best. He had the best line in crazy words. From an obituary… The cartoons had a vocabulary all […]

Back when I was still in shortpants our house had a big pepper tree in the back yard. It was my favourite climbing tree, but you had to watch out for gum emperor moth caterpillars which grow up to the size of a really small baguette. They are big juicy wankers that look like this. […]

Soft pixels


Via Yanko Design, a pixel sofa… ¬†UPDATE: also check out these tetris shelves.



If you don’t hoard things yourself, you most likely know somebody that does. This is sensitive documentary about people who are at the extreme end of the spectrum. ‘POSSESSED’ enters the complicated worlds of four hoarders; people whose lives are dominated by their relationship to possessions. The film questions whether hoarding is a symptom of […]

Hocus Pocus


Could any fundamentalist christians out there please translate the speaking it tongues bit? Focus were a Dutch band though, so I supposed he might be singing in double Dutch. Holland is the only place I’ve been where orange jeans seem to be very popular.