Big-assed moth holocaust


Back when I was still in shortpants our house had a big pepper tree in the back yard. It was my favourite climbing tree, but you had to watch out for gum emperor moth caterpillars which grow up to the size of a really small baguette. They are big juicy wankers that look like this.

Gum emperor moth catterpillar

The goop on the inside of them is as an equally radioactive green as its skin. I know this because I used to experiment on them with my shoe. That red bit near the bottom is its filthy craw!

One year we had a massive infestation of them that threatened to kill our handsome pepper tree. Dad decided that the final solution would involve mass drownings in buckets (he happened to be an entomologist). This orderly and systematic method minimised the spilling of radioactive goop. The holocaust took just one afternoon, during which dad and I stripped the tree of the offending crawlers and bucketed them.

In my defence, I was acting under orders from my father.

The moths that the caterpillars developed into were quite sizable, but nothing compared to the Atlas moth (via oddity central)

The Atlas moth (Attacus Atlas) is is a large moth found in the tropical and subtropical forests of Southeast Asia, southern China, common across the Malay archipelago, Thailand to Indonesia.

Atlas moth

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