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From Zooilogix A new exhibition of nature drawings, paintings and renderings has just opened at Buckingham Palace. The event focuses around four artists and a collector (Leonardo da Vinci, Cassiano dal Pozzo, Alexander Marshal, Maria Sibylla Merian and Mark Catesby) who lived from the mid 15th century to the late 18th. As an added bonus […]

Smoking Jackets


According to Wikipedia, the smoking jacket …became a popular accessory in Victorian times, when it was believed that the sensitive and delicate nostrils of ladies would be assailed by the pungent fumes of tobacco clinging to everyday clothing. Consequently it became de rigueur for every considerate gentleman to don his smoking jacket before lighting his […]

Ah New Zealand, land of corrugated iron. Once we even had our own corrugated iron tank, actually three Semple tanks were built before it was discovered that they had a top speed of minus 5 inches an hour. It turned out that bunging a corrugated iron shell on top of a tractor chassis just wasn’t […]