Wilfrid Wood


Take a look at Wilfrid Wood’s peculiar organisms…

Wilfrid Wood Illustration

He used to work on the British satirical tv show Spitting Image.

Via Drawn!


Smoking Jackets


According to Wikipedia, the smoking jacket

…became a popular accessory in Victorian times, when it was believed that the sensitive and delicate nostrils of ladies would be assailed by the pungent fumes of tobacco clinging to everyday clothing. Consequently it became de rigueur for every considerate gentleman to don his smoking jacket before lighting his cigar or pipe, usually after dinner.

Mark Twain in Smoking Jacket

Here we see Mark Twain reclining, no doubt he’s coming up with yet another pithy aphorism.

Superfine Dandelions

Decades later we see the Superfine Dandelions displaying their superfinery.

Smoking Cap

If you think having a jacket especially for smoking is strange, the Victorians also wore heavily embroidered smoking caps.

Franz Kafka’s tale of a salesman that wakes up to find he has been transformed into an insect is a favourite of mine. Scenes from the book lend themselves to illustration, and two illustrators that are capable of rendering images with suitable pathos have interpreted it within within the past few years

Peter Kuper’s adaption of the book is described at the publishers website which contains a great animation of the first part of the story.

Peter Kuper - The Metamorphosis

Robert Crumb illustrated a number of Kafka stories in his book R. Crumb’s Kafka.

R. Crumb’s Kafka

You can see orignal artworks from the book here.

Crumb artworks

Many other Kafka insects are scuttling round the web.

The Metamorphosis

You can read the book for free online at Authorama or download it and listen to it as an audiobook from Librivox.

Ah New Zealand, land of corrugated iron. Once we even had our own corrugated iron tank, actually three Semple tanks were built before it was discovered that they had a top speed of minus 5 inches an hour. It turned out that bunging a corrugated iron shell on top of a tractor chassis just wasn’t going to cut it in WWII.

Semple Tank
“Danger Will Robinson, Danger!”

Brian Eno answers the question “What have you changed your mind about?” at The World Question Center.

I like the idea of Another Green World Question Center.

For reasons that are not entirely clear, even to myself, I just googled “gentleman lobster” on google image search. Once again the Internet provides…

Lobster Gentleman

The New York Times has a selection of Al Jaffee’s fold-ins from MAD magazine right from the early days. You can click and drag with the mouse to fold them yourself.

MAD Foldin
I liked Don Martin’s cartoons the best. He had the best line in crazy words. From an obituary…

The cartoons had a vocabulary all their own. “SHKLIP” was the sound made when construction workers tossed concrete at each other. “SPLOP” described a surgeon throwing body parts into a doggie bag. “FAGROON” came from a collapsing skyscraper.

His license plate read “SHTOINK.”