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Feargal Sharkey


The coolest guy ever to be called Feargal Sharkey. Feargal then Fergal now A Good Heart is Hard to Find. John Peel’s favourite song. Advertisements

Brian Eno answers the question “What have you changed your mind about?” at The World Question Center. I like the idea of Another Green World Question Center.

Hocus Pocus


Could any fundamentalist christians out there please translate the speaking it tongues bit? Focus were a Dutch band though, so I supposed he might be singing in double Dutch. Holland is the only place I’ve been where orange jeans seem to be very popular.



Rick Astley talks about rickrolling, innit. I hated Rick when I was a pimple splattered thirteen year old Bon Jovi fan. He was exactly what I was trying to distance myself from by getting into supposedly macho hair anthems. Of course, in retrospect they were barely distinguishable competitors in the ongoing battle for territory on […]