transparent frog

I have disturbing visions of seeing Kermit’s brain wobble as he he talks to the camera.

Nudibranches, also.

A Nudibranch

You can see a whole lot more of these things at io9.




I notice that this guy is very popular on the nets at the moment. It isn’t hard to see why.

Popular Anteater

Feargal Sharkey


The coolest guy ever to be called Feargal Sharkey.

Feargal Sharkey - then

Feargal then

Feargal Sharkey - Now

Fergal now

A Good Heart is Hard to Find.

John Peel’s favourite song.



From the Times Online

Pyotr Kuznetsov was in hospital yesterday after he was discovered hitting himself over the head with a log. Members of his religious group have been hiding in a cave since November, believing that the world would end in May.

Sticky Date


Years ago I lived in a house with a guy that I’ll refer to as “Jaden”. I did not enjoy living with this person, because he was a spoilt and ineffectual twerp. His habits were interesting to observe which went some way towards making cohabitation temporarily bearable.

Every morning he would singe one piece of toast and then throw it in the bin. This was his breakfast. His sex life consisted of one expired condom which he left on obvious display in the medicine cabinet. One day he replaced it with a selection of new ones. There is no way this was due to him using the expired one.

He was trained as a chef, and his father (who was very wealthy) had recently bought him a restaurant which was being renovated in preparation for the grand opening. He was constantly having loud conversations on the phone with the other chef, his friend “Dane”. These conversations were largely misguided attempts at trying to impress his housemates. He was under the misapprehension that we gave a shit about the restaurant business. Sometimes he’d try out recipes at home and then ring up “Dane”.


Dane would arrive and try it out and agree that they were about to open the best restaurant in town.

“IT’S GOING TO BE TOO BIG FOR THIS TOWN, PEOPLE WILL BE QUEUING!” Jason would grin maniacally, one buggy eye bulging out of his skinny face, while the other normal sized one studied the opposite wall.

Due to his caloric deprivation he looked extremely emaciated. In particular he had obscenely thin wrists. When he drove his Citroen 2CV car it appeared as if a French mollusc was rolling down the street while digesting a grinning stick-insect.



I like swearing. I don’t believe there are bad words, only the bad use of words. The most elegant sentence I know of was constructed out of just two words, one of which was “fuck”. What’s more it was uttered by somebody I once met; his name was Ramon. He was unsuccessfully attempting to fix the engine of a car and his frustration led him to exclaim…

“Fuck the Fucking fucker, the fucking fucker’s fucked.”

Try saying it out loud.

From Zooilogix

A new exhibition of nature drawings, paintings and renderings has just opened at Buckingham Palace. The event focuses around four artists and a collector (Leonardo da Vinci, Cassiano dal Pozzo, Alexander Marshal, Maria Sibylla Merian and Mark Catesby) who lived from the mid 15th century to the late 18th. As an added bonus the exhibit, Amazing Rare Things: The Art of Natural History in the Age of Discovery, was a collaboration by curators of the Royal Collection and Sir David “Superfly” Attenborough.


There’s also a painting of a crocodile wrestling a snake. Personally I’d like to see a lion wrestling a shark – both home and away matches.